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Utility Box


Equivalent to 12 sandbags, JUST ADD WATER!
Box includes 3 DEFENDERBAG™ and 2 BOOMBAG™ plus 1 piece of FLOODSCREEN™ (9ft. 10in.)


Many homes and businesses scramble to cut plastic garbage bags and tape them to doorways.

The FloodAvert Utility Pack is a better way: 1 box replaces 7 or more sandbags, and protects wider openings such as doorways with a specialized FloodScreen. Specialized cover of the DefenderBags lets water in easily while internal super absorbent polymer (SAP) absorbs and holds water to inflate the individual bags from 10 ounces to over 40 pounds in a few minutes.

Box includes 3 X DefenderBag™, 2 X BoomBag™ and 1 Piece FloodScreen™.


1 DefenderBag™ (17.7″ x 21.7″)  is equivalent to 2 traditional sandbags

1 BoomBag™ (53″ x 10.5″) is equivalent to 2 or more traditional sandbags

FloodScreen™ is an impervious membrane designed to work with FloodAvert® products to protect wider openings such as doorways. It has self-adhering peel off tape at the top to aid deployment and make the system easy and fast to use. It comes in 9’10”-lengths in Combination Box options, and is also available separately in 32-foot and 65-foot lengths.

  • Efficient, easy storage
  • Ready to use off the shelf
  • Long shelf life
  • Easily accessible
  • Easy to use – just add water – no sand


Material Safety Data Sheet

Weight 5 lbs