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FloodScreen™ Roll


1 tube includes 65ft roll of FLOODSCREEN™, stabilizer plate, top grip and extra tap roll.


Many homes and businesses scramble to cut plastic sheets from garbage bags and tape them to doorways. The FLOODSCREEN™is a better and easier alternative.

FLOODSCREEN™ was designed to act as a waterproof backing when used in combination with either our DEFENDERBAG™ or BOOMBAG™ instant FLOODBAG design, doubling your defensive efforts against damaging flood water.

It has a unique self-adhering peel off tape at the top of the sheet and a stabilizer plate and top grip to aid deployment and make the system easy and fast to use. It comes in 65 foot rolls.



Unique Features include:

  • Pre-taped adhesive will bond in seconds to virtually any surface
  • Can be cut to size to protect any size of entrance
  • Easily extended by joining additional rolls with extra tape provided
  • Durable material for sturdier protection
  • Can be wall mounted, easy to reach and always in view


Weight 10 lbs


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